Notification of entry to Sveriges Kortfilmfestival – 2015

Application deadline for ‘Individuella klassen’ is January 25th at. 24:00.

Application deadline for ‘Filmskoleklassen’ is January 25th at. 24:00.

Application deadline for ‘SM i Minutfilm’ is March 1st at. 24:00.

NOTE: Registration deadline applies to the form below.

The film itself will be uploaded to the SFV’s film server, it can be done even after the submission deadline!

To participate in the Festival we have a few technical requirements:

  • The Festival handles only film contributions in digital format, the formats are .MOV or .MP4.
  • The movie file must be uploaded via the Internet and FTP to SFV’s film server.
  • The movie file must not exceed 2Gb.
  • Everyone who participates in the 2015 the Festival will have access to its own private folder on the SFV-server for uploading of film and only one title of a film for each folder.
  • To upload a movie file to SFV server that is in the SFV’s premises is necessary to use a so-called FTP program (FTP client), these are available for download from the web, free of charge. Recommended is FilleZilla ( ) or if you have Firefox (browser) installed, you can use the plugin FireFTP ( ) .

    In the installation of FileZilla may optionally so-called bundled applications also be installed – select whether you want them or not – they are not required to upload your film to the SFV-server.

  • Instructions:
  • Fill out the registration form below and pay the registration fee.
  • When the notification is correctly completed and SFV has received some registration fee is sent an e-mail with the subject ‘Account details for the FTP account for logging in to SFV server, Sveriges Kortfilmfestival – 2015‘.
  • This email provides information on how to access your private folder on the SFV-server. This folder has no other access to during the registration period.
  • Export your film in accordance with our instructions. (opens in a new window)
  • If you experience problems, please contact us.
  • Application is completed and will be published in the list of competitors and films when the registration period has been passed.
  • A couple of weeks before the Festival we publish which films been selected for viewing at the Festival. These competitors will also receive an e-mail with further instructions.


Read the rules (opens in a new window)

You will only need to send, (FTP transfer), one copy to the jury.

Please note that if your film will be chosen to appear at the Festival you will be given the option to send a correct screening copy later.

Fill out the registration below:

We welcome your application and good luck!

… wish we at SFV and the Committee of the Festival.

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