Filmfrukost! Filmare Ny I Sverige! filmmaker New In sweden!

Möt filmskapare som är nya i Sverige.

Welcome to Filmfrukost – Filmmaker New In Sweden!
Three completely different filmmakers, but they have one thing in common. They have come to Sweden with an idea of ​​what film is and has now got a completely different view. Join us as three filmmakers tell their story. What is film? See short films from the three new Swedish filmmakers and ask yourself the question, what role has film in our lives?

Tre helt olika filmskapare, men ett har de gemensamt. De ha kommit till Sverige med en idé om vad film är och har nu fått en helt annan syn. Följ med när tre filmare berätta om sin väg till filmen här i Sverige. Se kortfilmer från de tre nya svenska filmskaparna och ställ dig frågan, vilken roll har film i våra liv?
Sunday Dolph Christopher – from Nigeria and Nässjö.
He moved to Sweden a year ago, with his family from Nigeria. Where he made a number of documentary films about the irregularities and anomalies in the Nigerian government and political system. He is determined that film is the future.


Marianne Massai – from Kenya and Malmö.
“Women in Kenya have smaller chance to make films” After working with media and PR in Kenya, she is now studying filmmaking on a school in Malmö. She has done documentaries but is now aiming for comedy in shortfilms. She is also continuing her work in standup comedy.


Cristian Urrutia – from Chile and Malmö.
He gave up a life as a computer engineer and the idea of “a real job” . Now he follows his heart in making films and, after eight years in Sweden, he has now directed a number of short films, music videos and informational films. The goal now is to finish the script of his feature film debut.

Moderator: Yolanda Bohm